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How is your turf priced?

Pricing is determined by the total number of square feet of lawn you order, with volume discounts. If you need help determining your square footage, see our How To Measure section. When you have determined your total square foot needed, round the total to the nearest ten square feet (1 roll = 2' X 5' = 10 sq.ft.) When you have your square footage, you can use this table to determine your price per square foot.
Premium Blend Kentucky Bluegrass. That pricing will be available later this fall as the new crop is ready to harvest)

10 - 3000 sq ft .41/ sq ft
3010 - 6000 sq ft .38/ sq ft
6010 - 9000 sq ft .35/ sq ft
9010 - 12,000 sq ft .32/ sq ft
12010 - 15,000 sq ft .29/ sq ft


There is a refundable pallet charge of $15.00 per pallet.  This amount is returned to you when you bring the empty pallet/skid back to our farm. We must charge Michigan Sales tax on the turf (sod), but not on the pallet, delivery, or other labor. Delivery charge is $150.00 within the first 35 miles, and $3.50 per mile over 35 miles.

(NOTE:  Do to the current labor market we are unable to do installations until further notice)

What roll sizes do you have available? Standard Roll - 2' by 5'
You may order as little as a single roll of sod or as many square feet as your area requires. You are not required to order in full pallet increments.
For the do-it-yourself install, our 2' by 5' small or standard rolls are relatively lightweight, easily manageable, and help cut waste at the outer edge of your jobsite. Combined with our delivery services, they will help you complete your job with minimal effort. All our trucks are equipped with forklifts to spot turf where you need it, saving you the time and effort of moving the turf.

How much sod comes on a pallet?

We normally stack 64 small rolls on a pallet, totaling 640 square feet of turf per pallet, but we can add more or stack less, to customize your order. Our pallets are 4' by 4' square, and weigh an average of 1000 to 2000 lbs., depending on how wet the sod is from recent rain, etc.

How much time in advance do I need to order?
As with most any order, the sooner it is placed the better. Typically we require 24 hours for pickup, a 3 to 4 day notice for deliveries (up to a week when very busy).  This does not mean we cannot operate on a shorter notice, but we take orders on a first come, first served basis, so we may not be able to offer your first choice of delivery time. The more notice you can give us the better your chances we can offer a delivery time of your choice. We will always be as flexible and as accommodating as possible in all scheduling.

What variety of turf do you grow?

AAA Turf grows only the finest blends of Kentucky Bluegrass available. We blend the latest, highest quality genetic hybrids of Kentucky Bluegrass to ensure disease and drought resistance in a wide variety of growing settings. This blend also has the deepest, darkest green that will make your lawn the envy of the neighborhood.

Turf Contents

Premium Kentucky Bluegrass Blend, Seed Mixture

Variety / Kind Purity Germination Origin
Right Kentucky Bluegrass 25.68% 85% WA
Midnight Kentucky Bluegrass   9.90% 93% WA
Thermal Blue Blaze Kentucky Bluegrass   9.83% 85% OR
Jumpstart Kentucky Bluegrass 30.80% 92% WA
SPF 30 Kentucky Bluegrass                                22.25%    85%        WA

Other Ingredients      
Other Crop Seed 0.00%    
Inert Matter 1.54%    
Weed Seed 0.00%    

Noxious Weed Seed: None
Lot No: LMS-8-DE01

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