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Standard Roll

For those who like to do-it-yourself, we offer our standard small roll turf or sod in convenient 2 feet by 5 feet rolls, that are typically stacked 64 to a pallet (640 square feet), but we stack more or less to customize your order. You may order as little as a single, 10 square foot roll. If we are delivering your order, all delivery trucks are equipped with ride-along fork lifts that can place the pallets of turf around your site saving you valuable time and extra effort.

Quality Assurance

All of the turf from our sod farm in Michigan is backed by our quality assurance guarantee. We guarantee that our sod is weed free and is always a first cutting of our special blend of high quality, cutting-edge varieties of 100% Kentucky Bluegrass. Our uncompromising quality in seed and care provide you with peace of mind knowing that you have purchased the highest quality turf available. Contact us for full details


We offer delivery for a flat rate of $150.00 for the first 35 miles from our farm, and an additional $3.50 per mile after the initial 35 mile distance. We price for one way and use Google maps for mileage, rounding up to the nearest whole mile. This rate is for all orders, from less than a pallet to a full truckload of 22 pallets (14,080 sq.ft).

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