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Welcome to AAATurf

AAA Turf is dedicated to offering its customers the highest quality turf available. We begin by selecting and combining the finest hybrids of Kentucky bluegrass available to ensure hardiness and a consistent color and texture. We continue nurturing the seed after it's planted to implement strong root development. From growing and harvesting our own turf, on our own land right here in West Michigan, to the installation of turf at your home, business, golf course, or athletic field, AAA Turf is committed to product excellence and job satisfaction.

Our mission at AAA Turf is to provide excellence in the production, harvesting, and installation of the highest quality turf grass. This is accomplished using the latest technology available, incorporating innovative ideas, all to ensure satisfied customers.

NEW PRODUCT AAA Turf Freedom Sod

Take a holiday from mowing! We are proud to announce a new innovation, over 14 years in the making. We have a limited quantity of a new, beautiful Kentucky Bluegrass sod featuring a a very compact canopy - a lawn that needs mowing as little as once in three weeks! 

This phenomenal hybrid was developed by Dr Doug Brede an award-winning expert on reducing lawn maintenance, the author of "Turfgrass Maintenance Reduction Handbook", a guide used by thousands of turf professionals.

Mowing less means, not only more leisure time for you, but more savings for you and the environment!

(Please Note: We are currently sold out of AAA Turf Freedom Sod. We have replanted and expect to offer this special blend in the Fall of 2018.)

How sod relates to your lifestyle...

Our Environment

The satisfaction of creating beauty within the landscape can be rewarding for you and the environment. With turf, the rewards are practically immediate.

A well maintained lawn and landscape can enhance the "curb appeal" adding as much as 15 percent to the value of your home.

Pollution Control

Today's improved turf varieties are very effective in reducing pollution.

Turf traps and removes dust and dirt from the air. 2,500 square feet of lawn absorb carbon dioxide from the atmosphere, and release enough oxygen for a family of four to breath.

Nature's Air Conditioner

Another benefit that everyone enjoys, usually without notice, is turfs' tremendous cooling effect.

On a hot summer day, lawns will be 30 degrees cooler than asphalt and 14 degrees cooler than bare soil.

A Natural Filter

Run off water in urban areas carries many pollutants. The front lawns of eight houses have the cooling effect of about 70 tons of air conditioning. That's amazing when the average home has an air conditioner with just a three or four ton capacity.

The cooling effect of irrigation turf reduces the amount of fuel that must be burned to provide the electricity which powers the air conditioners.

Soil Erosion

The clean gentle strength of turf is the most cost-effective method for controlling wind and water erosion. A healthy sodded lawn absorbs rainfall six times more effectively than a wheat field and four times better than a hay field.

Turf acts as a natural fiber, reducing pollution by purifying the water passing through its root zone. A sodded lawn will absorb greater amounts of rain than a seeded lawn; even after three years of growth.

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